What is IPL Skin Rejuvenation?

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) Skin Rejuvenation (also known as Photo Facial) is a, non-invasive way to treat skin with minimal down time.

Dramatically improve:

  • broken capillaries,
  • redness and rosacea,
  • age spots,
  • sun-induced freckles,
  • pigmentation,
  • acne
  • wrinkles

Treatments are commonly performed on the face, neck, decolletage & hands, but can be performed anywhere else on the body.

What does IPL Photo Rejuvenation do?

IPL stands for Intense Pulsed Light technology. It is an FDA and TGA-approved and patented form of treatment which has been shown to be both safe and effective. The IPL device is gently pressed onto the skin, and emits a range of wavelengths to target specific concerns.

Because it is a relatively simple and straightforward procedure, with few concerns in terms of either side effects, recovery time, or the level of invasiveness with the treatment itself, IPL is continuing to become a more widely utilised choice.

This light helps to spur on the production of collagen, which will help to fill in lines and wrinkles or shallow scarring, while also reducing redness, discolouration, and spots.

How does IPL Skin Rejuvenation work?

Due to the wavelengths used, and depending on what concern we are treating, the light emitted from the device will absorb either melanin (the dark pigment in your hair & skin) or haemoglobin (the red colour in your blood vessels). The light itself penetrates the tissue in the skin, causing it to regenerate, and then the body naturally removes the impurities to develop a more even & youthful appearance.

A quick treatment delivering amazing results in a flash!

What happens during my treatment?

During your IPL treatments, we perform a skin analysis & detailed consultation to ensure you are a suitable candidate for IPL Photo Rejuvenation.

Once we have established all the skin concerns we are treating, we then cleanse your skin, apply protective eye wear & coat your skin with a cooling gel. The IPL hand piece itself has an inbuilt chiller system to also keep your skin feeling cool & comfortable throughout the treatment. When you are ready, your therapist will count down and notify you when the gentle pulses of light are being performed.

The treatment itself is fairly painless, but may be more sensitive in certain areas however it is over before you know it. The whole treatment itself generally takes 20-30 minutes. Following your treatment we then apply SPF & a mineral makeup foundation filled with skin nutrients.

Depending on what we are treating you may require 4 treatments, however results are visible from the first treatment.

Pre IPL Treatment Advice

  • Keep out of the sun for 6 weeks before the treatment and wear a sunscreen (at least SPF30+) every day to protect your skin and to prevent any future UV damage.
  • Avoid spray tanning 3 weeks prior to any IPL treatments
  • Avoid any irritating or fragranced products for 3 days before the treatment.
  • Start using a cosmeceutical range of products. Skin in better condition will see greater and faster results.

Post IPL Treatment Advice

  • It is vital that you wear sunscreen every day and keep out of the sun to protect your skin not only now but from all future UV damage.
  • Avoid getting your skin hot for at least 24 hours. No hot showers, saunas, steam or exercise.
  • A light redness may occur after your IPL Skin Rejuvenation treatment. This is normal and usually only lasts 24 hours. It may feel like a light sunburn.
  • If you are treating pigmentation, you may experience a grazed appearance; this is quite normal. It is the pigmentation moving to the surface of the skin, and can last up to two weeks. Do not pick at the grazed skin and do not exfoliate until your skin returns to its normal healthy state. Your health comes first. If any spots look suspect, we will ask for a doctor’s certificate approving your suitability for IPL treatment.