Allow us to skillfully redesign, reshape, trim, tint and fill in your brows. Fuller brows with more definition can re frame your face and give a whole new look that you never thought possible. Our professionally trained therapists will talk and guide you through what is and isnt possible to achieve with your individual shape and hairs that may need to be grown in. We will work together with you to meet your goal and of perfectly looking brows  Difference between Henna and Tint.  Tint lightly stains the skin for 24 hours. Gives a much subtle look it, and only takes about 3 minutes. Henna is a natural product and it stains the skin for upto 10 days. Last upto 3 weeks on the hair. This treatment lasts longer there are a variety of colours to choose from. This is for sparse brows that need to look fuller, also perfect for clients who prefer to pencil in the brows as it wont be needed for a while using henna.      Eyebrow wax, tint, trim and shape  $40  Eyebrow wax, Henna, trim and shape    $45  Eyebrow Wax  $20